Thursday, April 15, 2010

Stunt Double / Actor Responses 1

Bill Ives

So as weird as your ad would sound to most people, I understand what you are trying to achieve. I think everyone needs some help here and there. I am going out to california in the fall to start my acting career and would love to use my abilities to help you relieve stress. feel free to email me back about details and payment.

Brett Malloy (Pedro Gonzalez)

Here are the roles that I will need you to play, how good is your range?

Ryan Berkley

Jock, Bully, friend of my brother. Called me Butt Malloy. I used to walk to school everyday. Ryan would see me, speed up and swerve toward me forcing me into the ditch getting mud all over my clothes. He also used to slam me into lockers and stomp on my bag lunch. I tried to bring my gremlins lunchbox to school instead but that just brought on more teasing. (Committed Suicide)

My grandmother raised me because my parents preferred drugs over me. She was very abusive. When I would come home covered in mud she would force me out in the yard and hose me off ... even in the middle of winter. She also had a giant dowel rod that she used to beat me with regularly. (died of cancer)

Filthy hobo, would do anything (and i do mean anything) to get high. (stabbed in an alley)

Absolutely stunning but I am too scared to ask her out. How do you look in a blond wig?

Would you prefer being paid hourly or a set amount? (maybe per character if you don't think you can pull them all off)

Bill Ives

To be honest I could probably do all of the characters. What would you require me to do say as these roles? What do you want to say to these different people because violence arousing probably would be a bad idea. I'll send you a few pictures of myself. Do you mind me asking what your occupation is? I would probably prefer to be paid hourly.

To be continued ...

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