Tuesday, July 14, 2009

ISO someone who can sound like Shia LeBeouf Responses

So far everyone has been very helpful and informative. I expected to receive a lot of hate mail but I am pleasantly surprised by the responses. Its nice to see so many good hearted people willing to give any help that they can. This may be my first post that stays up for the full 30 days.

Why not try and talk to shia's agent set up a phone conference for real. find his agent and send him an email or a call. Give her the real thing. Teresa Dahlquist is his agent at the Beverly Hecht Agency.
Beverly Hecht Agcy
3500 W Olive Ave Ste 1180
Burbank, CA 91505
Hi, I ran across your ad on CL, and it was extremely heart touching. I don't think you were a terrible father, just someone doing something...anything, to get a child in a terrible situation to smile. I may have done something similar if I were in that situation.
Although I don't think I could pull something like that off, I was wondering if you had ever considered contacting the Make A Wish Foundation about actually trying to make this happen, instead of faking it. I do volunteer work with them, and a child does not need to be terminal to have a wish granted, however I'm not sure of the criteria that needs to be met. It would be worth giving them a call.
If you're interested, you can call Andrea Kobernik in the Milwaukee offices, and ask her to point you in the right direction. Here is her information.
Andrea, Special Events Coordinator
Make-A-Wish Foundation of Wisconsin
13195 W. Hampton Ave.
Butler, Wisconsin 53007
Phone: 262.781.****
Fax: 262.781.****

Hope I helped a bit....good luck.
Hi my name is Joey, sorry to hear about your daughter. I can’t image what you all must be going through. I’m about the same age and build as Shia not exactly sure how much I sound like him but I will try to listen to his voice and record my own to see if there’s enough resemblance. I would like to help out if possible. Have you tried to contact him in any way? I could pool some resources and see if there’s any possibility getting in contact with him although it does seem like a long shot. I know some independent film makers and local artists, I could also contact the Milwaukee Independent Film board and try to get a request for help put out there. If he’s anything like me he would be willing to consider it. I don’t want to get your hopes up in any way but I saw your post and had to respond. If there’s anything I can do to help I’d be willing. Feel free to call me with any suggestions or questions, I can be reached at 414-254-**** There has to be something we can do! Although even being able to meet him will just be a temporary lift, she’ll need to find meaning, acceptance, and passion for what life has to offer her in the future. I wish you all the best and I hope I can help in some way. Take care and be positive things will get better if you stay strong.
i saw your post and am sympathetic for your situation. I am a professional actor and can tell you that IMDB database has links to contact representation of talent. If you look into that IMDB.com you may be able to contact LeBoufs agent and may be able to work something out. I am not 100% positive that it will work but it is worth a shot.

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