Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Free Mother In Law Responses (2)


Sounds like something to add to my collection.
Where in Milwaukee are you?
When can I pick it up?
What kind of collection do you have?
I collect horror movie and halloween stuff.
This would be perfect in my mini haunted house in the basement.

All in fun, not any devil crap or anything like that.
any chance you have some pictures of your mini haunted house? I would like to see the final resting spot of my dear evil mother in law before I make the decision.
Hello Again,

These are the only pics I have here at work. It only shows a small area
of what I have. Plus it is taken with a flash so you cannot see it with
all the colored lighting.

I do work for charity haunted houses during October in Hubertus and Hartford. I am telling you this so you don't think I am just some freak.

Anything else let me know. I am here at work till 2:30

Call me. 262-673-**** Listen to message a little then dial 10 for Operator and ask for Wayne.

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