Thursday, March 5, 2009

Free Mother In Law Responses (3)

This is the best of the rest.

jala woman
i love it. i would promise to put her in my beautiful garden.
i know the right thing to do....
but please call me. diane/414-807-****
p.s. don't belive in
wow, that's pretty creepy! you could probably take the ashes somewhere like the beach or a park (it might be against the law though to dump her somewhere) but at least she'd be out of your house. I think it's kind of weird you're trying to give your mother in law away though. Best of Luck! From my experience though, she's not going to stop haunting you if you really think it's her. You may need to walk through the house when you think she's "present" and let her know you mean no harm to the kids. I had a similar problem at an old apartment of mine where strange things happened when i would discipline my daughter (I only ever raised my voice)...the only way i got it to stop was to walk around my apartment and talk to whatever or whomever it was that was still there.
so again, best of luck to you!
Can you please tell me where you are located? I would love to have the urn.
I have the ashes for my uncle in a not very attractive vessel, looking for an appropriate upgrade for him, is your urn available for that purpose?

I really think you should be ashamed of yourelf,
Walk a mile in my shoes buddy.
I challenge you to try living with the ghost of my recently deceased mother in law for a week.
Until then don't judge me.
You up for it?
Ya ,I am .You sound like a self centerd idoit.who cares only about himself.It sound like a bullshit story any.
I care about the safety of my family Jimbo ... That is hardly self centered. I would give you the urn for a week but I am concerned that my Mother in Law would do real damage to you and your house. She seems to feed on fear and anger ... traits you appear to have an abundance of. Would you be willing to sign documents waiving me of any responsibility for the damages incurred by taking possession of the urn?
You sound like a complete idiot.

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