Monday, August 10, 2009

$100 Large Bedroom (Responses 1.1)

S. Weber
hey i was just wondering if that room is still available. please call me at 262/412-xxxx to let me know.
Since the response has been so overwhelming my roommate and I are prescreening the potential roommates with a couple questions. Answer them as HONESTLY as possible.

1) We currently use the room for Rupert & Charlie and as a guest bedroom for when friends come into town. A semi frequent guest we have is my Uncle Sal he is a traveling salesman and a notorious drunk. Would you be willing to take the couch for a night or two when he is in town?

2) Rupert is housebroken ... most of the time. Say you woke up in the morning and stepped in a steaming pile of piggy poo. What do you do?

3) My roommate is a HUGE Law & Order fanatic. For arguments sake lets say you don't have a TV in your room. He has been watching Ice-T attempting to act for 6 hours straight and you want to watch the Brewer game. What do you do?

4) Favorite alcoholic drink

5) Would you be willing to share the room with parakeets as well?

Hope to hear from you soon
S. Weber
i don't mean to sound desperate, but things are dire.

1)I would not mind taking the couch.
2)I love animals to death. I am a vegetarian and find it so very hard to get mad at animals.
3)I really don't watch the Brewers, or TV that much for that matter. but, if i really woudn't mind if i wanted to watch something and he was using the TV.
4)I hardly ever drink, but if i do, it is gin. or some wine. but if others do, i dont hold it against them.
5)i would not mind sharing a room with parakeets. honestly, i mean if it is about the noise, i dont mind, as long as they dont mind my noise. :)

Thanks.. umm, is there a number i could reach you at? or would you like to meet sometime? i will be in riverwest all weekend and through wednesday. but arrangements can be made after that! and hope to hear from you! i can recieve text messages, but not incoming calls. nor can i dial out. i am sorry for the inconvenience.... i am a male too, just so you know. in case that matters. however, i dont know if any of the roomates there are female, but it doesnt matter to me. thanks!

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