Wednesday, August 12, 2009

$100 Large Bedroom (Responses 2.1)

Hi! My name is Amy, I am a freshman at UWM and I am looking for a place to live as of September 1. I like the description of your place on craigslist and very happy with the price of rent. Your apartment would be in a perfect location to get to school and work. Please let me know if it is still available- I would love to look at the place.
Since the response has been so overwhelming my roommate and I are prescreening the potential roommates with a couple questions. Answer them as HONESTLY as possible.

1) We currently use the room for Rupert & Charlie and as a guest bedroom for when friends come into town. A semi frequent guest we have is my Aunt Sallyl she is a traveling salesman and a notorious drunk. Would you be willing to take the couch for a night or two when he is in town?

2) Rupert is housebroken ... most of the time. Say you woke up in the morning and stepped in a steaming pile of piggy poo. What do you do?

3) My roommate is a HUGE Law & Order fanatic. For arguments sake lets say you don't have a TV in your room. she has been watching Ice-T attempting to act for 6 hours straight and you want to watch the Brewer game. What do you do?

4) Favorite alcoholic drink

5) Would you be willing to share the room with parakeets as well?

Hope to hear from you soon
In response to your questionaire:

1) I would have no problem taking the couch- currently I sleep on the floor so almost anywhere works for me.

2) In the event of a piggy poo mishap I would most definitley locate some paper towel and clean up for him- since I dont think pigs can clean up after themselves- and then I'd let him out for a while.

3) Most importantly Law & Order trumps the Brewers any day. So I would most likley be found watching with her- if its SVU. Other than Law & Order I dont really watch tv so there shouldnt be much competition for the remote.

4) I would have to say Pabst for my beer choice and Tequila if we're talking liquor.

5) I will share a room with any animal that currently shares the space as long as I can socialize with them. I love animals and actually feel more at home with them around. I dont have any pets currently, but before I moved to Milwaukee I had a ball python, an iguana, a dog, a guinea pig, a cat, some fish, and a hamster (not all at once of course)...


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