Monday, August 3, 2009

lets play a game called de-virginize the ginger Responses (2)

Subject: gingerrrr

I LOVE GINGERS! haaa. send me a pic. i'm tallish blonde and 18. looking for some fun. write me back,
I was so inspired by your response Natalie that I wrote a beautiful haiku poem for you.

I am a red head.
The carpet matches the drapes.
Ride me like a wave.

I have attached a picture of myself.
It is quite a few years old, I am slightly more muscular now since I started weight training.

Hope to hear from you soon.

(Pedo_Gonzalez is my world of warcraft name ... if you play look me up!)
haaa i love that picture, but it would be nice to get a more recent one. and your haiku made my day. i am writing you one in return:

i am a blonde head
the carpet does not match the drapes
ride me like a bicycle
i dont even know what a haiku is i hope thats alright. obviously i am not an english major. butttt yours was hilarious...!

and i dont play wow... sorry..
Haiku has three lines written one right after another, with 17 syllables -- the first line contains five syllables, the second has seven, and the last has five.
I have to admit reading your poem got me a little "excited" but with 26 years of backup ... a stiff wind can get me standing at attention. I was about to send you a more recent picture but I realized that you have not sent one of yourself. Tit for Tat I say :)

haha ohhh smart guy eh? and attached is a picture of me...
which is just over a month or so old. unlike someones... :)
OMG you are absolutely stunning!!!
I am thinking that you are way too hot for dinner with my mother ... I am going to have to take you someplace classy like Ponderosa or Red Lobster.

I was going to attach a more recent picture but after seeing yours I think I need to up the ante. I want to get my hair cut and maybe a new shirt.
Do you think I should go topless instead? I don't want to say that my biceps are bulging ... but I will tell you that I am bench pressing over 80 pounds now :0
haha ok i'll be waiting.. ;] i dont think i can stand the suspense any longer... lol

so tell me a bit about yourself.


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