Wednesday, August 12, 2009

$100 Large Bedroom (Responses 2.2)

Really great answers Amy. Is there anything else you want us to know about you before we narrow it down to the final three?

BTW I would never make you take the couch if you are paying rent but my crazy aunt (in a drunken stupor) may try to sleep in your room ... you would have to lock the door on (the very few) nights that she is in town.

My roommate Christina is ecstatic to maybe have another SVU fan in the house. She wants to know who you think is the sexiest and why. (She has a thing for Elliot. she always says "He can slam me up against the wall any time he wants!")

Well Christina, I would have to agree, Elliot is the sexiest, but I kind of have a thing for Ice-T. I like the bad boy thing.

A few things about me:
I own a full sized bed, a small dresser, a radio, and a few other decorative things (none of which I really need)... so moving in would take me about an hour. I'm very clean when it comes to my room so no worries about my clothes laying all over the floor or moldy dishes hiding under my bed (I actually found this in my current roommates room yesterday. It was really old beer in a plastic cup that had grown a thick fur of mold over the top. It was a miracle it never tipped over!!)
Also, my man friend has his own apartment so out of respect for everyone living in the house we would be taking any night time activities (such as monopoly) to his place.

If I came to live with you, I would hope that we would get to know each other and become friends. I once lived with people that never wanted to talk to me and it was very uncomfortable. Hopefully we could get coffee or hang out once and a while if we're all free.

Just for fun...
My Five Favorite Things:

1) Photography (very amateur pictures of flowers and plants, taken at parks usually)
2) Trying new foods/ new restaurants
3) Tattoos
4) Music (right now I'm listening to "Can't You See" by The Marshall Tucker Band)
5) Having fun with my current friends, and making new ones. (I'm pretty social and very accepting of other positive, open minded people)

I think that's just about everything. I hope it helps you on narrowing down the prospective renters.
Have a good one! Hope to hear from you soon.

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