Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Send in the Clowns Responses (3)

C. Givens
did you find anyone to cure you of your phobia? If not I would like to do this and or photograph your experience. Is this also a sexual fantasy? Legit? You're not a rapist or a murder no offense but people have to be careful these days.
Pedro Gonzalez
Sorry for the delay in responding to you, I am having a friend of mine go through all of the e-mails first to ensure that there are no clown pictures attached. First off this is not a sexual fantasy. It is as stated, an attempt to cure myself of a debilitating phobia.
You bring up a very interesting idea ... what about helping to shoot a documentary? Maybe we could mount cameras to the celling in my bedroom to capture the 31 days of scaring. Are you a professional photographer? Do you have any related clowning experience?
Feel free to send pics, my friend will strip them out before forwarding them along to me.
C. Givens
That sounds amazing! I take photos on the side. I am totally fascinated by this and I would ask for no compensation. I am a printmaker by trade and i am a freelance artist. No frills just film haha. I have attached my blog address check out my work and photos. Also a picture of me but not as a clown....I also mentioned this to one of my other artist friends and she loves the idea.
C.. Givens

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  1. Of the 12 people who responded to the ad I would totally hire this chick to scare the shit out of me in a clown suit every morning. She is the only one who seems genuinely excited about the experience and not the easy money.

    Should I try to take this to the next level ... or should I let it go?

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