Monday, February 16, 2009

Fuck You Milwaukee

Posted in the Rants and Raves section ... it received a few responses but not what i was looking for.

deer milwaukee. fuck you. i am out of this shit hole city enjoy the cold winters you bunch of cheap fucks. yyou probly see me asking for sum spare change outside of alterra or scronging for cigs by matc. you push me away spit on me and call me smelly bum. well fuck you all i found a buck in the street so i bought a scratch off and one $500 i am going mexico to live like king. while i am swimming in ocean and drinking whisky on beach you will be shoveling snow and scraping you car window. unlike you fucks i help out homeless. i am giving my cans to pete and my jackets to rufus. goodbye forever!

I would like to suggest you take at least a few of your fellow bums with you. You are going to be lonely down there all by yourself. Since you will be so wealthy down there and dont speak the language you will have all the other bums looking for handouts. Might need some protection.
Good riddance...need help packing, idiot?

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