Thursday, February 19, 2009

I'm Rich Bitch Responses (1)

This posting was taken down twice by the craigslist nazis in under an hour ... luckily I got eight inquiries before it got removed. I encouraged the responders to send over pictures of themselves to help make the decision easier. Here are two responses.


here is my pic of me
its a little old, but im on the left

The pic i sent of me was about 20 years ago.
now im much older, kind of bald, husky guy

Fun Times

Im pretty out going and by no means do I have to humiliate myself for money, however this just sound like fun. I often watch funny shit on you tube myself and always thought it would be fun to put something up. It just so happens im out of work. My company lost their contract with the city of milwaukee due to cut backs laying myself and several others off. If you are serious and cash up front let me know.... This sounds pretty ridiculous to be a serious post but thought idgive a shout ne way.

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