Sunday, February 8, 2009

Are you Short Responses

hey, you sound like fun..mail me back from the milwaukee area. just moved out here.
i have been up all night trying to find a decent ad.. finally ran across yours. Message ME back soon! Send a pic.

Thats the thing about needs. Sometimes when you get them met you dont need them anymore.
Greetings “Hefty”, your ad intrigues me. Contrary to appearances my name is not “*****” - I merely hijacked his email account to send you a message – free of charge. Its a trick I learned hanging with Mayor Becker when he turned me into a hot slut at age 12. I’m now free to roam since he’ll be confined to the hoosegow.

Your prayers have been answered. I am 3’2” - 60 lbs of smurftastic lovin’. You’ll have to indulge my Fraggle Fetish – make sure to stock up on Kooshes and get used to answering to the name of Gobo.

It will be smurfy times down on Fraggle Rock, if ya know what I mean...
Ceramic Chick
I always loved the smurfs!!
Auntie Kk
ok, I know this sounds weird, but who better to ask then a smurfmobilia expert and enthusiast. Have you ever see Jeff Dunhams Arguing with myself? He makes the comment in there, if you choked a smurf, what color would it turn? Well? Purple maybe? Any thoughts? Also, the ever pondering question...........why was Smurfette the only female smurf? The smurfs still make me giggle even as an adult. (I am 31) Wish they were still the afternoon cartoon sometimes.

Happy Smurfing for your Smurfette!
(I am for real if you reply with answers or thoughts just out of the curiosity of it all).
So in other words you are just a simple blue toothbrush looking for your pink toothbrush?
I am 4'7" and am often mistaken for smurfette. I was asked to portray her in the new live action film..."Smurf Smut" The thing is I have this serious fetish for Shaggy, with a secret obsession to include Scooby. I have always been jealous of Daphne, she is everything I'm not (tall, flowing hair, long legs, great fashion sence) I am ashamed of my smurf like qualities, I have even tried to embrace it by bathing in electric blue coolaid and bearing my white closed toe pumps but I need to find my village of smurf men to idolize my beauty before I can truly appriciate her charater....GOT ANY FRIENDS????


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